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The Chaser is looking for some great satire writers to contribute to our website's daily stories. Read on if you think you've got what it takes to make people breathe out loudly through their nose.

What are my chances?

Ideally we're looking for five new contributors to pitch five or more headlines a week, but if we like what we see there's nothing stoping us picking up even more writers. So if you're funny, then you're in with a chance.

What will happen if I'm the chosen one?

We'll pick out about fifteen people to do a trial run for two weeks to see how they perform. From this batch we'll be picking up the people who are consistent in their pitches and quality of contributions and they'll become regular contributors, which means being assigned an editor with the expectation they'll send through at least two headlines a week.

Selected contributors will also be looped into the writers group which means you'll be providing feedback and bouncing off other people's ideas, and you'll be welcome to show up to our weekly writers meets if you're into that sort of thing.

Will everything I write get published?

Hell no. No even close. But that's comedy writing.

Does it pay?

It's a freelance gig. We'll be paying the industry standard rate of $20 per headline we pick up, and a further $30 for body copy if we decide not to do that in house. As traffic on the site grows we expect to be able to generate advertising revenue, at which point we'll be looking to increase our headline rates, and to take on some writers on a non-freelance basis.

So what's in it for me?

Ideally we'd like writers to be in it purely for fame and fortune, without considering silly things like making other people laugh. However, if you're someone looking to build a comedy career this is probably a good notch in your bedpost, and there will no doubt be opportunities that come up for writers to also contribute material to other Chaser ventures like our Quarterly, live shows and radio sketches when we're feeling lazy.

Have you got any pointers on how to write for the Chaser?

Think the Onion but more nasal. We'd expect anyone throwing their hat in the ring to at least be confident in their ability to string a headline joke together, but feel free to have a browse through our writer's guide to brush up on the finer details.

Is there any catch

No there is no catch*

*The Chaser reserves the right to sell your kidneys at any time without notice.

Jump right in!

If you've been selected by one of our scouts to take part in the pool of contributors, you can join up instantly below by entering your 6 digit access code.

If not, feel free to complete a packet to pitch your writing skills below.

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