A serious message from The Chaser

Stay home and save a life

We like to make fun of the government. In fact, that’s basically our job. And in recent times we spent a tremendous amount of energy ripping into the government over its handling of the bushfire crisis. As such we feel a partial responsibility now for the fact that young people are not listening to the government on its message about the viral outbreak.

The virus itself, though obviously dangerous, is not the biggest threat over the next few months. We expect most people will get the virus at some point. The issue is that hospitals could be over-run, and if this is the case then you, a friend or a family member may not be able to receive care when in dire need.

This is why it is crucially important that every Australian listen to the government on the message of social distancing and follow instructions in the coming weeks. Try to stay home. Keep your distance from others (1.5m at least where possible). WASH YOUR HANDS. Despite what you may have heard, young people are not immune to the virus.

Please don’t spend time crowding into bars, cafes, and other public places this weekend. Your actions in the next few weeks will determine whether we ride this out in a safe orderly fashion or see hospitals have to close doors to patients.

Stay calm, stay safe, and for the love of god stop stockpiling toiletpaper you idiots

The Chaser Web Team

The Chaser