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Dozens mistake red orb in the window for a leering Barnaby Joyce
Mr Joyce has since been arrested
Treasurer announces policy reversal: pay $1,000 or else you’ll be flown to Christmas Island
Budget crisis solved!
US Senate votes to impeach Joe Biden
"The man is guilty as sin"
Firefighters battle to save endangered ‘living fossil’ climate deniers from themselves
"They're getting rare these days"
Peter Dutton referred to Queensland Police for wasting police time
The Australian Federal Police have referred Peter Dutton to the Queensland police for ‘wasting police time’ in asking them to investigate acclaimed author Bruce Pascoe
Government donate $200 to bushfire relief each time anyone shakes Scott Morrison’s hand
"These funds are essential"
Morrison to ‘step back’ from official duties to balance his time between Australia and Hawaii
Scott Morrison has announced that he intends to step back from his duties as a ‘senior’ member of government, while continuing to fully support himself in the role of Prime Minister
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