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Government’s hardline stance against anti-vaxxers sees Christensen forced to continue doing what he likes
That'll show him
Christian Porter congratulates government on stunning victory in Djokovic case
Porter has described it as not not not a win
Traffic laws abolished in NSW as residents are encouraged to show personal responsibility instead
We must learn to live with 12 car pile ups
“Albo has a glass jaw” says federal minister who sued a guy over a mean tweet
"Learn to take a joke!"
PM takes swift action on Omicron by declaring it the states’ responsibility
He announced from Hawaii
“We’ve no time to make an ICAC” explains govt rushing Religious Discrimination Bill through parliament
No time at all
ICAC decides to save time by just locking up every single politician
"It's just easier this way"
Barnaby put on cashless debit card after turning up to work drunk
"That's just what happens when you're on government benefits"
Nation’s barflies inspired to learn they’ve got what it takes to be Deputy PM
"If Barnaby can do it, literally anyone can."
“We just want closure”: Parents of missing Prime Minister beg witnesses to come forward
"Scott, if you're out there, please do your fucking job"
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