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Daily Telegraph slams Labor for $6 trillion deficit
Pauline Hanson quits One Nation after being told they’re a minority party
"I don't like minorities" explained the red head
Following backlash Morrison reveals he is also part of the disability community – “I was born without a heart”
"I also only have half a brain"
“I will not allow critics to silence Deves’ views” rages man who had her delete all her posts two weeks ago
"Only I may do that"
Scientists confirm making noises into a fan more entertaining than 90% of free-to-air TV
Greens leader demonstrates commitment to media being publicly owned
Google is now the frontrunner for Prime Minister
Sydney house prices hit new high as inner city terrace sells for 3 iceberg lettuce
That's almost 2 tanks of petrol
PM of country where grocery prices have doubled in a year pretty sure biggest issue right now is trans people in sport
"Stop everything!"
“Please, just one fucking good week” nation begs universe
Is that so much to ask
Crowd rushes into parliament to celebrate Morrison’s 1000th fuckup
"He's broken all the records"
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