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The Chaser Report – Ep 32 – The Man with 8880 Toilet Rolls
Covid already seen everything interesting in Adelaide, now wondering what to do
It has exhausted its options just hours after arriving there
The Chaser Report – Ep 31 – Worst Father Ever
Always wear a helmet. No matter what your father tells you
The Chaser Report podcast – Ep 30 – US Civil War Special
Trump in denial
World shocked as President who said he wouldn’t accept election result doesn’t accept election result
How could anyone have foreseen this
The Chaser Report – Ep 29 – Queuing for K-Mart
Oh and also, Nina died
The Chaser Report – Ep 28 – Melbourne Tastes Freedom!
(and a very specific butter chicken)
The Chaser Report – Ep 27 – Is Trump Okay?
Probably not
Fly excited about finding its biggest piece of shit yet
The fly says its overwhelmed by the size of this piece of shit
Living through historic, once-in-a-century global pandemic actually quite boring
Despite it's importance, it's incredibly boring to live through
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