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Nation left feeling apathetic as there is still another day before the election
The Chaser Report Election Edition with Dom, Charles and special guest Sami Shah
Peter Dutton horrified to learn Space Force will turn the universe into safe space
'The PC brigade have gone too far, they are a universal threat'
Local child excited to know it’s only 3 more disasters till Christmas
Scientists are inspired by her optimism in thinking it will only be three
Flood victim changes name to Harvey Norman in hopes of getting some government funding
'If anything we have too much relief money now'
National disaster declares national disaster
It takes one to know one
Mystery Wagga sportsman orders 20,000 clay pigeons with Mike Baird’s face on them
The buyer is a total mystery
WA Premier now doing briefings from turret of a tank
A strong state needs a strong leader
Perrottet scores new role as teenager on Heartbreak High
His character doesn't like condoms
Woman who bought dress for $3 from weird Instagram ad surprised to find it’s shit
It was not on a par with Givenchy’s best work
Musk and Grimes agree to share custody of ‘most annoying’ title
Musk will have it alternate weekdays and every second weekend
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