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Mysterious U2 album called “Not a tracking app” appears on everyone’s phone
“I think the name of the album in reference answers that question.”
Experts warn death toll from stampede to the pub could exceed COVID-19
"It'll be a complete bloodbath"
Morrison employs handshake consultant on $400,000
He has his work cut out for him
Morrison offers one waterbombing run for every 6 hit in the Sydney Test
"Come on boys!"
NSW Government finally respond to climate change, announce plans to strip search bushfires
"Problem solved"
Barnaby Joyce caught planting flamethrower in Richard di Natale’s garage
"I was just returning it!"
“Climate is only an issue for inner city loony lefties” says politician representing drought ravaged farmlands
"Why would people in the bush care about climate change"
“Paying staff correct wages is too difficult” says chef who invented edible door knobs
"Basic math is hard!"
Office worker furious at protestors who made him late for job he hates turning up to
"How dare you!"
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