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Sausage sanga wins election again
"How good is democracy"
“Trans people are a threat to children’s sport” claims man who decked child in non contact sport
"Imagine how dangerous it would have been if it was a trans boy the kids age" said Deves
Dutton distracts himself from the pain of losing his defamation suit by drowning some puppies
My favourite pastime
‘We can’t afford to raise the minimum wage’ says PM who spent $80m on water that doesn’t exist
'News Corp's money doesn't grow on trees'
‘Minority governments will get nothing done’ claims government that has done nothing for 3 years
'Can they even organise a flight to Hawaii?'
“I’m not transphobic, I just don’t like trans people” explains Katherine Deves
"I just think they mutilate children"
Blokes from Lego Masters dubbed prefered PMs following last night’s Channel 9 debate
'They were the only people that night who showed any professionalism'
Guy who miscounted $60 billion reckons he has the numbers to win his seat
'You can't afford to lose me' claimed the guy whose covid app tracked zero cases
Party that had a full year of sexual harassment controversies claims trans athletes are a threat to women
'Women are being silenced, and not by us this time'
Latest polling data suggests Scott Morrison is trailing in popularity to Morbius on a two party preferred basis
The evil blood sucking fiend has fallen behind the vampire with the public
The Chaser