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“No vaccines for my pure body” says woman coming off a 2 day bender
"It might make me sick" she said in between tactical chunders
“Norway happiest country in the world” says bullshit survey
A worldwide study released today reported that a country where sunlight is seasonal and their greatest delicacy is rotten fish, is apparently the happiest in the world
Pet snake decides to let owner live another day
Local pet python Carlos has decided to let his owner Trent Smith live another day
University of Sydney Changes ‘Arts Degree’ to ‘Arts Receipt’
Also announces new graduate placement partnership with local hospitality industry.
Cash Converters owner impressed at how many TVs one regular customer owns
"Who says the economy is slowing?"
Melbourne man visits Sydney just to point out its flaws
A 27 year old graphic designer from Melbourne has spent an entire weekend in Sydney pointing out its flaws
FBI foiled as criminal cleverly enters private mode on browser
Gone without a trace, the Feds have been left scrambling for any signs of Harrington's possibly illegal activities
“Refugees are going to take my job,” claims unemployed man
Local man Gareth Jones has voiced his outrage in his local pub that “Refugees are going to take my job.
Amazon finally arrives in Australia after being lost in post for months
"We probably shouldn't have partnered with Australia post"
WOW! Government shocked as postal vote provides 2012 opinion poll results
"We literally had no way of knowing this would be the outcome"
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