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Iran crisis: PM commissions emergency ad in case troops are deployed
"We have to be prepared"
NZ cricket team follows PM’s lead by dismissing Burns
Thanks Scomo!
Scott Morrison excitedly awaiting coal in his stocking this Christmas
"I've been extra naughty this year!"
Government announce Arts, Environment, Education to be merged into new Dept of Inner City Lefty Crap
"This will save a lot of duplication when it comes to cutting funding"
One Nation voter pulls child out of maths class over concerns about ‘Arabic’ numerals
"It's bloody Un-Australian!"
New Marie Kondo store to include bin at checkout to fast track decluttering
It's the new way to slimline the contents of your wallet
Netflix announces season 4 of the Crown will focus on how the royal family killed Jeffrey Epstein
"Hasta la vista, Jeffrey"
Woolworths to compensate underpaid workers with rare Ooshies
"This one's worth almost $20 on Ebay!"
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