FACT-CHECK: Does pasta feel pain?

Pasta is made out of wheat, eggs and water. But there is mounting scientific evidence that peptides in wheat can feel. So does that mean pasta can feel?


That eating pasta is unethical because pasta can feel pain.



It all started with this article on Medium by Richard Nile, which pointed to emerging biological evidence that the molecules inside wheat (the main ingredient in pasta) can ‘feel’.

The article, authored by respected food journalist Richard Nile, claimed (truthfully) that there is increasing evidence that peptides from plants react in the same way biologically-speaking as pain-receptors in animals react when they are injured. From there, the claim started spreadubg onto the web, with versions of the theory turning up on Food and Wellness blogs:


And eventually onto Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:


The original article is well researched, and contains six different sources to verify and cross-verify its information. Despite its controversial claims, it is backed by mounting scientific opinion from respected academic sources. As a result, Expert News Fact-Check has deemed this claim to be true. However, whether that means you should stop eating pasta or not is a matter for your own personal conscience.


by Dr Jenny Nichole
28th April 2019

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