Forced to get your child vaccinated? Try this one simple trick to avoid autism

As a mother, I’m aware many parents these days have valid concerns about the effects vaccines may be having on their children. However, with recent government crackdowns on parents who choose to not immunise their children, it can be difficult to avoid.

However, very few parents know that there is a simple trick that can be employed so that your child is marked as vaccinated on medical registers, without putting them at risk of any chemicals that may be present. In fact, I’ve done this on my own children to great results.

The process is simple. Set up a regular vaccination schedule with your local GP, making sure you book only morning appointments if possible (this is when your child’s body will still be more hydrated, increasing the saline content in their blood thanks to their natural sleep induced retention). Make sure you visit with the child when the injections are received, and do not alert the doctor to the fact that you are employing a vaccine reduction programme (they may alert health authorities).

Now, the important part, and you’ll be surprised how simple it is. After your child has received the vaccination shot (and you are safely away from the clinic) press a cut onion to your childs skin at the point of puncture. Onions are a rare vegetable in that they are made up of thousands of fluid filled capillaries, which when cut drop in pressure. By applying the onion with some light pressure to the skin within 5 minutes of the vaccine being injected, they will begin to draw it back out of your child’s arm through a process known as ‘capillary action’ the same way trees draw liquid from the soil in order to live. The natural pressure in your child’s body means that the injected vaccine fluid is already under pressure and will easily leak out, the onion not only draws this fluid from the tissue of the body, but its acidity also prevents the puncture wound from healing while still applied to the skin, ensuring that almost none of the vaccine is left after 10 minutes of application.

So there it is, it’s that simple. According to your child’s doctors, schools, daycare, and medical records they are completely vaccinated, but you can rest easy in the peace of mind that no toxins are putting your child’s health at risk.

If you know of any great health tricks involving simple household goods, be sure to let us know and we’ll have one of our team test it out!

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