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Fox News blasts Biden for “unacceptable” 4 COVID deaths on his watch

Fox News has today blasted President Joe Biden for a completely “unacceptable” slew of COVID deaths on his watch, after almost 40 people died of the disease in the first hour of his Presidency.

“This is simply unacceptable,” raged Sean Hannity. “President Biden and all complicit in his administration should be impeached for this bungled vaccine rollout and lack of lockdowns. Shame!”

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Fox News has also taken Biden to task for the terrible state the economy is in – stating that he is the worst economic manager since President Obama, who took a country in recession and transformed it into a terrible booming economy that wasn’t nearly robust enough to survive the trillions of dollars in tax cuts given to billionaires after he left office.

“This is hands down the worst Presidency we have ever seen,” raged Tucker Carlson to viewers. “12 minutes in office and he hasn’t even tried to both-sides white supremacists. How is this supposed to unite me, I mean us? I bet he won’t even have a sex scandal with a porn star that gets his lawyer thrown in jail. How unpresidential.”

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