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George Calombaris teams up with Woolworths to launch new line of cooked books

Celebrity chef and convicted wage thief George Calombaris has today launched a new series of instructional manuals, informing others about the many great methods he’s discovered for cooking books.

“With a dash of red marker, and a pinch of creativity,” glowed Calombaris, “you can be enjoying a delightfully light yet scummy salary shortening in no time.”

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Calombaris has also thanked his new partner Woolworths for their support in providing many of the essential ingredients to his new book cooking methods. “Your local Woolworths is a great place to look for a range of low prices on greens, meats, and staff,” explained┬áCalombaris, “In fact if you’re having trouble underpaying any of your kitchen hands, be sure to ask anyone in Woolies management, and they’ll be happy to pass on some tips.”

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