Mystery new Chinese disease could be the next swine flu or it could be nothing

For those that remember the 2008 Sars virus pandemic, and the devastating effect it has on Sars brand sarsaparilla sales, reports of a new similar disease emerging in China will likely send shivers down their spine.

The new mystery disease, believed to be a mutation of an existing virus, has now reportedly shown up in over 100 Chinese nationals, though the number could rise to billions should it infect the rest of Chinas population.

However, the real concern for scientists is that it may yet spread to other, whiter, countries, where the virus could run rampant, killing everyone in its path. Will this happen? According to the World Health Organisation, it could certainly affect more people if not contained, and we are yet to see evidence that it will be.

So what can you do to protect your family from this new killer virus? Resident Expert News nutritionist Kathy Williams suggests parents ensure their children are receiving enough Vitamin C in their diet, and also suggests installing an air filter in your home to ensure pathogens don’t spread. “While a regular spray of Glen 20 will ensure that 99% of germs are eradicated, that 1% of germs could mean the difference between a healthy child and a child riddled with disease,” explains Kathy. “Be sure to wash your hands regularly, and also keep your child away from vectors of uncommon diseases, such as wild animals, pets toys, and discarded petri dishes.”

You may also want to bolster your child’s immune system by having them play with other children regularly, however if your child is prevented from attending the local daycare due to a lack of vaccinations, be sure to follow our simple vaccination-negation guide for a fast way to sidestep these regulations.

Have you recently been infected by a mystery disease after visiting China? If so get in touch, we’d love to share your story!

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