Mystery particles found in Antartica show scientists haven’t quite worked out the universe yet

A research team based in Antartica have revealed this month that they have discovered a new type of particle which has left scientists stumped.

The particle, which appeared in readings taken from a research lab based on the snowy continent, is said to have set off detectors looking for another, different type of particle. However, when researchers realised it was coming from below them, not space as expected, they realised something wasn’t right.

The results mean that the particle was either emanating from within the earth, or travelling through it, something which no particle we know of should be able to do without bumping into the all the dirt down there and getting stuck. Scientists contacted and asked to explain this phenomenon said they were not qualified to comment and that the Scientology Centre does not do any research into quantum physics, which only deepens the mystery further.

Do you think you know what these mysterious new particles are? If you have any clues be sure to contact us here at Expert News to let us know your thoughts, there may be a Nobel Prize in it if you guess correctly.

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