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Ten unveil new show where they drop Pete Evans in the jungle and just leave him there

Producers at Channel 10 have today apologised for booking Pete Evans as a guest in the latest series of I’m A Celebrity, after discovering the child-killing anti-vaxxer is also a Nazi, in a development the network are describing as “a completely vile character trait that has no place on TV outside of a breakfast talk show panel.”

Due to the public outrage coming off the back of the news, Channel 10 executives have decided to turn a negative into a positive, annoucing that they will be launching a brand new reality TV show where they gather a group of hated celebrities, drop them in the African Jungle and just leave them there.

Dubbed “He’s a Nazi, get him out of here” Ten are already expecting the show to be a ratings bonanza, with millions begging the network to hurry up and start shipping off the celebrities. “The idea is one of the best we’ve had in decades,” explained a Ten spokesperson. “Who wouldn’t want to watch Pete Evans being pushed out of a helicopter above the African Jungle?”

A shortlist of other potential celebrities has already been leaked, featuring an all star cast of annoying D-list names, from Pauline Hanson to Israel Folau, Belle Gibson, Sam Newman, Corey Bernadi and Peta Credlin.


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