39 year old woman secretly chuffed to be asked for ID at bottle shop

Local bottle shop employee Rob Edwards has today unwittingly made the entire year of 39 year old mother of three Denise Johnson, after asking the clearly middle-aged woman for proof of age in a moment of absentmindedness.

“Yea when I looked up I realised it was probably wasn’t necessary,” reflected Rob. “I mean no offence to her, she looks great for her age but you’d have to be blind to think she’d pass for 17.”

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“But when I saw the look of utter joy on her face I didn’t have it in me to tell her she doesn’t need to get out her card.”

In fact, Rob was so impressed with how effective this simple gesture was that he has started asking every woman that comes through the register for ID, to great effect.

“It does slow down the line a bit, but I think its worth it to bring a bit of joy into some people’s lives,” explains Rob. “Had a lady come in yesterday with two screaming toddlers in tow – clearly hadn’t slept in a about a week. When I asked for ID I swear she nearly cried. She’ll be dining out on that story at mothers-group for months!”

“She was almost as excited as the kids from the local skatepark when I pretend to believe their laminated ‘drivers licences’ that claim they were born in 1982. Really puts a smile on their pimply little faces.”

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