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Greg from Facebook shocked to learn most products strive to not have racist names

A man who thinks giving cheese a non-racist name is ‘PC gone mad’ has been surprised today. Greg from Facebook had posted around 40 comments before learning the other stuff he buys is deliberately given a name without a racial slur before it even reaches the market.

“You could have knocked me down with a feather,” said Greg. “There I was laying into the owners of the Coon brand, when someone pointed out that most products aren’t even racially insensitive to begin with.”

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Greg had commented on the official Coon page and sixteen poorly-disguised copies designed to fool the elderly, and Daily Mail Australia. He also confirmed a number of posts under the pseudonymous account LastTrue BlueAussie.

Greg continued “It’s got me questioning everything. I didn’t care when they changed Datsun to Nissan, although maybe I would have if Datsun meant something offensive.

“I’ve got two options now. Make my own racist cheese company or stop acting like an arsehole. Looks like I’m going into cheese-making.”

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