Home worker excited for fun weekend of doing exact same stuff as the last 5 days

Local home worker James Edwards has today celebrated the end of the working week by continuing to drink while scrolling through his laptop in his bed as he has been doing for the last five days.

“I can’t wait for the weekend!” James told his wife. “Maybe I’ll stay in bed all day, watch some TV, not even leave the house or change out of my pyjamas. You know just like I did today, but this time it’s fun instead of depressing.”

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Asked what else he had planned for his weekend, James said that he is looking forward to watching the only remaining show on Netflix that he hasn’t already watched this week. “I can’t believe I used to complain that there’s too much new content to keep up with,” exclaimed James. “Now I’ve pretty much listened to every single podcast ever made, and I’m onto my third rewatch of Stranger Things. I really hope Netflix drops another 9 hour documentary series by Monday or I’m going to actually have to do some work.”

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