Pauline Hanson outraged to learn coronavirus made in China and not Australia

One Nation senator and white sheet enthusiast Pauline Hanson has today called for the Australian government to fund the creation of a home-made coronavirus, instead of importing viruses from China.

“Watch wrong wish Oshtrayns these daysh?” asked Hanson on Sunrise this morning during a debate about particle physics. “Carnt even create a bloody pandemic wishout Chinas help. Back in my day we only caught Oshtrayan made diseashes, like German Measles, and the Spanish flu.”

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Asked how exactly Australia was expected to make their own version of the corona virus, Hanson said it was simple. “Well we jusht get som bottles of Corona and then injec people wish them!” explained Hanson. “Gosh, it’s not rocket surgery!”

Asked what she thought about the recent spate of panic shopping due to the viral outbreak, Hanson said she is concerned. “I don’t like it,” said Ms Hanson. “When all the food sells out. My shopping trolley murdered, my groceries just gone!

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