Marxist hipster torn between not paying his landlord and ripping off his dad
He realised he would be short-changing his own inheritance
PM clarifies rules: public gatherings restricted to two people or one pantomime horse
The Prime Minister did not elaborate on what prompted the need for the clarification
4/20 turning out to be not nearly as fun as it sounded
"I'm just stuck at home wearing sweat pants and watching TV all day... oh wait, yea that's pretty accurate."
Albo defects to Liberals as they’re doing a better job implementing his policies
"Socialism is back baby!"
Home worker excited for fun weekend of doing exact same stuff as the last 5 days
Maybe I'll stay in bed all day
Government announces stimulus package for home burglars unable to work from other’s homes
The move has been praised by the Australian Burglars Union. 
Israel Folau claims coronavirus was started by gay bat
"There's no other explanation."
Morrison announces free childcare to deal with politicians while parliament is closed
"It'll make a lot of lives easier."
2 person gathering limit makes absolutely no difference to Sydney nightlife
"The city is bustling"
The Chaser Generosity Calculator – Are you as generous as the world’s richest man?
Introducing The Jeff Bezos Generosity Index

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