Australia urges Cardinal Pell to be by president’s side

Australians have urged Cardinal George Pell to be by Donald Trump’s side in his hour of need, and to have a go at kissing him better.

Since the news broke of the United States president’s battle with Covid-19 people across the country have begged Pell to go to America to be close – really, really close – to the ailing commander in chief. Many have been quoted saying the clergyman should do whatever it takes to be there.

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Australian Sean Porter said “This virus is especially deadly to men aged over 70 so there is no time to lose. If I could say one thing to Cardinal George Pell it would be this: Go to the White House and be by the President’s side. And share his toothbrush. And let him cough in your mouth.”

However, doctors have issued a warning about the proposed plan. “The novel coronavirus has a fatality rate of around 20% for men in that age bracket. Only 20%.”

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