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“There is no need to condemn protesters demanding Andrews be murdered, they aren’t putting pins in strawberries” says PM
'We are not at extremist levels yet'
Man in his mid-20s finally buys a bed frame
“Oh my god Josh you’re 27, buy a bed frame.”
Daily podcast – Sami vs Queensland
with Sami Shah
Two-tier lockdown in Sydney to be based on ‘how much you look like you’d own an investment property’
Members of the public must carry a Qantas Club card to avoid hefty fines
The Chaser Report – Live on stage – Tickets on sale now
We're coming to Melbourne
Daily podcast – Oh no, Melbourne!
Charles and Dom talk to Sami Shah who tries to put a happy spin on Melbourne's outbreak
The Chaser Report – We’re back!
We're back and we're daily!
Morrison solves vaccine debacle by ordering 20 million extra prayers
The prayers will be aimed at solving the difficult logistical problems
German/Greek immigrant family concerned about whether their great grandson is English enough
Everyone knows it was Prince Phillip
New CABINETSafe App to allow you to track whether you’ve been in contact with an alleged rapist
If you come in contact with a member of Cabinet, immediately sanitise your hands
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