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Coles debuts new “Down Down Wages Are Down” tv advert
Coles corporation has today rushed out a new advertising campaign, highlighting the low, low prices of staff at their local
Government regrets hiring George Calombaris to manage budget, after surplus much lower than promised
Its okay, we'll just sell the
Morrison declares smoke “only a concern for the entirety-of-NSW bubble”
"You people need to get out more"
People-smuggling trade defeated as asylum seekers learn six years of torture won’t lead to brief hospital stay
"We’ve sent a clear message - at the end of that torture, you won’t get to go to hospital for a bit"
Liberal Party blame racist Young LNP members on the Greens
The young men have been condemned as "leadership material"
Firefighters ordered to trial gay conversion therapy on bushfires
"God only knows if this will work"
“How could Prince Andrew stay friends with a paedophile?” asks pro-Pell News Corp journalist
"Prince Andrew should hang his head in shame. Just like Pell's accusers should."
Labor blames election loss on party being too mean to “those pricks in Queensland”
"What a bunch of dickheads"
Coles launch new ad announcing Woolies staff wages are ‘down down’
"All salaries have been massively reduced!"
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